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For a school assignment we were asked to create an infographic about ourselves, hence an egographic. For mine I wanted to capture the different layers of myself going from my deepest fears to everyday struggles, to my current state and ending with who I hope to become.
Within the illustration I added different likes and dislikes to represent certain aspects such as my irrational fear of butterflies as part of the island that represents my struggle with perfection and my fear of ending up at an
office job (no offence). I also added my parents who help pick up my pieces when I fall apart using the japanese art of Kintsugi (using gold to repair broken pottery to symbolise that there is beauty in flaws).


For this project I started out by doing some research into the different types of infographics to gain some inspiration.
I then picked a few topics that I wanted to use for this piece and sketched out some associations. After that I decided on a lay-out for the infographic and went into illustrator to finish the work.
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