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For a fictional project I created an LP cover, and parts of a campaign for a K-POP artist. The concept behind this work was "the game of k-pop". After having done research into the industry and the artist I found out that there were a lot of unrealistic demands that artists had to follow in order to become "idols". This artist however had a history of rebellion against these norms and was kicked from her label because of it.
This release was her comeback.
For the artwork I wanted to create a mixture of a 2D and 3D feeling. The chess pieces being the 2D ones. I wanted to do this because part of the demands that labels had would be to change their appearance drastically. This to me made it feel like they had to become a fake version of themselves. For the colors I went for bright pinks to symbolize the always happy and energetic feeling that k-pop has contrasting this with fog and broken pieces to show the reality.
Artboard 7-2.png
Artboard 7.png
To keep up with the theme I designed a poster that contains a puzzle which when solved spells out 'ascent.hyn' which would lead the player to the next step of the game to be able to access tickets to her exclusive concert.
once all challenges had been finished the first few players would receive an exclusive V.I.P ticket. This ticket contains a scratch off which would give you the chance to win the album and a limited edition hoodie.


Since I don't listen to the K-pop genre and didn't know much about it I started out with a research where I took a good look into the industry, why it's so popular, the korean culture and some of the other k-pop idols.
artist research & moodboards.png
From there I went ahead and researched the artist whomst I was going to design the products for. I made sure to not only look at who she is but to also look at the way she presents herself. I did this through multiple moodboards. From there I created my own which I used as a guide to create the LP cover.
what others did.png
To get inspired I watched some
k-pop music videos made by her and other artists. I took screenshots from these video's to capture the scenes that I liked most. I did the same for some album covers.
During the design process I created multiple versions and even completely different covers. I pitched these to my peers and professionals to get their opinions. I then took their feedback and used it in my final product.
I took the same approach to the poster but made sure to test out the puzzle with multiple people to make sure it's not too hard and not too easy.
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