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My name is Lamiae El Hajjaji (1999), I'm a freelance visual artist, which is a fun term to basically say that I'm multidisciplinary. I studied communication and multimedia design (specialising in branding and graduated cum laude) and did a minor in arts & humanity at Academy of Arts St Joost.


I like to tell and help others tell their story by translating concepts into various loaded visuals. With my willingness to learn I've been able to develop a variety of skills throughout the years ranging from illustration and animation to graphic design to audio visual media to analog printing.  I get inspiration from a broad variety of things, whether it be social topics, pop culture, or some meme I saw on the internet. 

If you would like to know more about me, my process, have an idea but haven't seen something similar on my website, or you just really want to grab a coffee, shoot me a message.

Some selected clients: 

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